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Formed in 2019, Alix Apples & The Core consists of Alix "Apples" Adair (vocals and ukulele), Sophie Curren (keys, guitar and violin), John Whiteford (bass), and Kat Elrick (drums). Their work focuses on gender violence and mental health, creating music in the hopes of making these issues more accessible to the wider public. Much of this work is highly experimental and cross-genre, spanning the full scope of what protest music can be. Currently, the band are in the process of creating their debut album, which will focus strongly on the theme of violence against women.

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Release Dates

Hold Your Tongue (single) - 16.07.2021

Honeybee (single) - 23.07.2021

Hummingbird (single) - 24.09.2021

Say Something (album) - 24.11.2021