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          "Talk/Play/Collaborate is a project to connect musicians, singer-songwriters and musical artists in conversation and collaboration. [...] Through this project, the musicians connect, chat and create, either together or inspired by one another on one of several questions and posed themes." 

Throughout Talk/Play/Collaborate, Dumfries Music Conference have commissioned and paired together a variety of Scottish artists to create musical responses to questions about the music industry. Together with Euan Pattie, we responded to the question “Eugh! Live Streaming as a New Innovative Model for Music Consumption! How does that work? And do you want it to survive?”


          After a series of long discussions about the topic material itself, Euan and I decided that I would write my own track which he would then sample in his (which can be found on the DMC soundcloud). I also chose to create a short video performance for my song, as I felt it helped conceptualise the point I wanted to put forward. 

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