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          Whilst this was a live brief, I knew I wouldn't be able to meet it as it clashed with a lot of other work I was doing. However, I did want to respond to it for my portfolio. Unfortunately, after the live deadline the unlisted video has been removed from Vimeo, consequently in the middle of me writing a response to it. As such, I've written a short draft of what I may have pursued, had I been able to actually fit the brief into my time schedule. What I've written is definitely not as 'hilarious' as I would have attempted to make it had I finished it, but I think it has the right type of energy - I was using music from chase scenes in a movie like Trainspotting for inspiration (hence, "Renton").




          Do No Harm is a short film commissioned by the BFI and SFTN. We’re calling the film genre an OCD heist movie. Our original choice of music is the Anna Meredith track ‘Nautilus’.

          However, in the time it has taken to get the film to near completion, the track has been used in high profile film and TV. I’m concerned it will prove a distraction to the audience who recognise it, although I do think it is working well in its own right in the film.


          We are looking for something that does not fit simple characterisations of the mental health and heist elements in the film.


          This film is set fully in the subjective worldview of the main character, Beth. The score needs to support how she sees the events of the story and allow the audience another way into her headspace.


          We need something that simultaneously amps up the tensions while undercutting it for comedy. Something that will accompany the big and small set pieces of the film.


          I’m open to any type of instrumentation but want something that has scale and is fun too. Think terror and hilarity!

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