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Off The Grid



    Alice Liana Galli, a broadcast journalist, commissioned me to write a variety of original instrumental music for a three-part podcast about people living off-grid. These pieces needed to include, but were not limited to:

  • a theme song

  • a track based on Iceland for episode 1

  • a track based on nature and serenity for episode 2

  • a track based on environmental activism for episode 3


          After speaking with Alice, we agreed to increase the amount of music from one piece per episode to two. As she was working to a very tight timescale, I had to compose the pieces based on an overview and basic script, as the episodes would not be edited in time for me to compose around the final product. Due to this, each piece was re-written first to Alice's feedback, and then again to fit the interviews and narration perfectly when I was eventually given the edits to finalise. 

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